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Bird Control Services

We design and install a full range of deterrent systems, suitable for all situations.

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Power Washing

We offer effective treatment of all types of weeds, moss and algae.

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General Weed & Moss

Weeds, moss and algae can cause many problem as well as looking unsightly. Left to flourish weeds also interfere with infrastructure causing damage to surfaces and can create security issues by obscuring views. Surfaces can become very slippery if moss and algae are left un- treated.

We offer effective treatment of all types of weeds, moss and algae, keeping surfaces free of trip or slip hazards and greatly improving the areas appearance.

We are fully trained to NPTC standards in all types of weed treatment and in the use of herbicides, using all types of application equipment from hand held application, quad bike application, weed wipers to tractor mounted spraying. We are also trained the application for aquatic weeds.

We can carry out one off treatments, clearance of dead weeds, cleaning of surfaces following treatment.

Regular programmed visits to help prevent the regrowth and maintain sites.

  • Car parks, industrial sites, hospitals, nursing homes, site clearance work, drying areas, play areas, sports surfaces, passageways, driveways, patios, decking etc…

We offer a free site survey, advice and quotation, all work is guaranteed.