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We design and install a full range of deterrent systems, suitable for all situations.

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Power Washing

We offer effective treatment of all types of weeds, moss and algae.

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Japanese Knot Weed Specialists

Japanese Knotweed is Britain's most invasive non-native plant. It was originally brought from the Far East as an ornamental plant by the Victorians but it has now widely naturalized and occurs across the UK and it is causing major problems;

  • It spreads easily via rhizomes and cut stems or crowns
  • It out-competes native flora
  • It is difficult to control or eradicate
  • It can cause structural damage to buildings, damage surfaces
  • It can spread up to 7mtrs a year

We specialise in the treatment and control of this and other invasive weeds.

  • Free site survey
  • Full treatment plans and advice
  • On-going treatments and monitoring
  • Staff fully trained to NPTC standards
  • Staff trained in the identification and treatment of Japanese Knotweed

This is a weed that will keep growing if you suspect you may have it early identification and treatment is strongly advised.

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