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Pest Control

Pest Control Services

We specialize in the treatment and control of this and other invasive weeds.

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Power Washing

We offer effective treatment of all types of weeds, moss and algae.

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Bird Removal

We offer a nationwide service to combat this problem area, designing and installing a full range of deterrent systems, suitable for all situations. Church’s, warehousing, office blocks, historic buildings, stadium canopies, stations, supermarkets, town halls, factories, airports, hotels, shopping centres, etc.

Pigeons and seagulls can be very damaging to both buildings and occupants. Not only is their fouling particularly unsightly, it is also damaging to surfaces and can create slip hazards on pavements and walkways. Birds can create serious health risks, in particular respiratory and intestinal infections which are caused by fungal spores and bacteria. Birds are also often associated with insect infestations (such as bird mites, meal worm, fleas and beetles). Commercial premises also run the risk of a significant loss of stock due to damage from fouling.

RWS can remove your bird problem.

  • Treating affected areas with biocide to reduce health risk
  • Treatment and control of associated insect infestations
  • Removing dead birds, droppings and nested material
  • Design and installation of suitable deterrent systems
  • Spring wire and spike systems
  • Netting systems in a range of colours and mesh size
  • Avi-shock system
  • Flock management to reduce the number of pigeons on site
  • Free Survey and report

Our staff are fully trained and we have the experience to offer the best solution to your problem. We also have a particular interest in the aesthetic outcome of our systems on all buildings in particular historic or ornamental stonework.

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